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In the Market for Wholesale CBD Oil? How to Balance Quality, Price, and Other Factors

CBD (cannabidiol) oil is more than just the latest new buzzword in the world of health and wellness. It’s a product that’s flying off store shelves faster than most companies can keep it in stock. It also appeals to next-generation business owners, but they need to know what CBD oils to look for at wholesale so they can deliver the latest in quality health and beauty options to their customers. 

People all over the world are looking for a better way to reduce pain, treat medical conditions, and change their lives using something that’s both safe and natural. Big pharma isn’t exactly anyone’s favorite market sector right now, and CBD oil has swooped in to offer a viable alternative.


Why CBD oil sells

It’s no secret that CBD oil products sell well. Knowing the reason why is helpful when considering an investment in wholesale stock. Cannabis and cannabidiol byproducts have been the subject of medical debate for decades. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has been able to closely study the health implications of Cannabidiol (CBD oil) because it doesn’t contain high enough levels of THC to create legal problems. THC is the chemical in marijuana that’s responsible for the “high,” and that’s remained illegal in most U.S. states.

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All of that aside, the NIH findings point to real advantages for the use of CBD oil in treating everything from chronic pain to certain mental illnesses. It’s not another dose of snake oil being peddled by ill-informed companies wanting to make a quick buck off unsuspecting consumers. This is a product that really works. And one that, studies show, comes with very few side effects.

In addition to CBD’s health advantages, it also makes a fantastic additive or base for beauty products. The omegas and fatty acids work to improve the skin’s elasticity and overall look, making it too much of an asset for savvy business owners to ignore.

Now that we’ve established how beneficial CBD oil really is, let’s explain why all CBD products are not created equal. Sure, you could choose a cheaper wholesale product, but are you willing to sacrifice quality and effectiveness to save a buck? More importantly, are your customers?


CBD oil wholesale quality means a more effective product

Most consumers are willing to spend a little extra when it comes to securing quality health and beauty products. Look no further than successful beauty retail giant, Ulta, to confirm that. However, CBD products are still new enough that it can be difficult to gauge their quality and top wholesalers.

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Not to brag—okay, maybe a little bit—but CBD For Life has based our entire product line on only the purest CBD extracts available. Everything we send you is made with 99% pure CBD oil meticulously extracted from stalks and other parts of industrial grade hemp. We know where our CBD comes from, and how it’s obtained, and we work to ensure the purity of the process so that we can guarantee the quality. All of our CBD is 95% naturally extracted (this is harder than it sounds), is free of GMOs, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, and artificial coloring, and is never tested on animals.

We believe that “all-natural” should mean exactly what it says, and we go the extra mile to create products with this in mind. While there are other wholesalers out there, we’re the only female-owned CBD company that can claim this level of quality.

Consumers aren’t going to give you repeat business if the products they purchase don’t work. Selling quality means developing a trusting relationship with your customers. That’s why nothing but the highest quality CBD products should line your shelves. There will always be cheap imitation products that make the same claims; dig a little deeper and you’ll find that the extraction process and purity just aren’t the same.

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All signs point to positive marketing trends

Millennials have changed the way that we look at—and approach—healthcare. They’ve ditched outdated medical misconceptions and have pushed for more natural and alternative means of dealing with certain problems. The CBD movement across the U.S. is thriving due to this kind of out-of-the-box thinking. 

The acceptance of hemp and marijuana as potential medical assets has led to a new level of interest and development of safe and readily available products. A report released through the University of Colorado Boulder by the Hemp Business Journal had this to say about potential market growth for the ongoing year:

“HBJ projects that 2018 in will mark a breakout year for CBD, with the total CBD market exploding to over $500 million in sales.”

By 2020, major market analysts are predicting additional growth of over 31% in the CBD industry, proving that the market is anything but stagnant. This industry is alive, well, and highly profitable for companies who take advantage of the opportunity to sell high-quality CBD products at the ground level. 


So, is it worth it?

As a business owner, you have every right to be skeptical of the products that you purchase wholesale. No one wants a storeroom full of things that they just can’t sell—especially when said products cost an arm and a leg. There’s no doubt that CBD health and beauty products have a defined and lucrative market niche, but is paying a higher price for quality worth it?

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The answer can be found in your profit margins versus potential. What consumers pay for the products is worth the markup. This gives you more opportunities to experience a steady ROI that isn’t found with many other industries. We all know that profit margins mean nothing when the products won’t sell. So, investing in wholesale quality products that have a proven sales track record is more than just a sound business decision—it’s a smart one.

Buying CBD oil wholesale allows you to provide consumers with a steady stream of products that they know and trust. On top of that, this allows your business to forge a long-term working relationship with a wholesaler that you can trust.


What else should I look for in wholesale CBD products?

When choosing a supplier, there are several questions you need to ask:

  • Where does your CBD originate?
  • Is it THC free, or below the legal limits?
  • Do you have a proven track record of sales and reference relationships?
  • What makes your products different?
  • How much should I charge consumers to create a fair profit margin?

Finding a wholesale company that responds quickly and with expert industry knowledge is key. Low prices may be tempting, but it’s important to remember that these products often represent inferior quality, chemical contamination, and a lack of consistency. Pay for quality, but don’t allow yourself to overspend on hype.


Ready to become a wholesaler?

If you’re interested in becoming a wholesaler or want more information on the CBD industry, reach out to CBD For Life online, or shoot us a message at wholesale@cbdforlife.us.

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