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Hungry Yet? Get Creative with CBD Tinctures in Your Favorite Recipes

CBD, or cannabidiol, is just starting to enjoy its time in the limelight—and it’s an amazing oil. Offering many of the health and healing benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive properties, it’s no wonder it’s becoming so popular in the wellness world! CBD tinctures combine CBD-rich hemp oil with glycerin, ethanol or other nutritious oils, offering an accessible and easy way to use cannabidiol in your every day.

But how to use it? Our versatile flavored and unflavored tinctures can be incorporated into some of your favorite food and drink. Applying it directly under the tongue is perhaps the most straightforward way to consume it, but it’s definitely the least exciting or delicious method. Take a look at these ideas for using CBD tinctures to spice up your normal diet.


Get creative with CBD tincture coffee ☕️

warm cbd tincture infused cappucino

A cup of coffee is certainly a good way to start the day—but it can get even better with the addition of CBD tinctures, when you do it right. Combining the effects of coffee and plain cannabis could be an issue, but CBD does not have the compound that makes you high—rather, it can help with reducing anxiety and relieving pain, which pairs well with that morning dose of caffeine.   

To add a bit of your tincture to your coffee, simply put in your desired amount after it has cooled a little bit (avoid adding it to boiling hot coffee). Try some peppermint-flavored tincture before adding steamed milk to espresso for a festive peppermint latte! CBD tinctures are fat soluble and ingesting them with fats increases absorption, so try them in a bulletproof coffee which adds coconut oil, butter or other fats to normal coffee. Delish!


Tincture your tea 🍵

Tea is considered a tonic by many, so why not combine it with the benefits of CBD tinctures? Just add five or so drops of your tincture to the tea once brewed, before adding milk if you wish to do so. A flavored oil can add a little something to a plain tea, or enhance the flavors of the brew.

cbd tincture dropper over hand showing consistency

For a drink that will really get you off to a good start every day, make an herbal tea with honey, turmeric and CBD tincture—as well as anything else you like for taste or health benefits.


Boost your baked goods 🍰

Yes, you can add CBD tinctures to your baking for some excellent edibles without the high—perhaps not the most effective way to ingest your cannabidiol, but probably the tastiest. From flourless chocolate cake to indulgent carrot cake, there are plenty of recipes floating around out there—take a look and find the one that works for you, or just adapt your favorite. 

The best way to incorporate it into your baking is to add a few spoonfuls to your fat—i.e melted butter or oil—before mixing it with the dry ingredients. Replace a small amount of the fat with a small amount of CBD tincture, and carry on as usual. Experiment with flavors and amounts to find a mix that suits your taste buds.


Soup up your soup 🍲cbd tincture infused olive oil on counter with olives

A warming soup is a fantastic way to get that winter CBD in you, and we recommend using it in creamy soups like a nice curried lentil soup with cream—this provides some fat to help absorption. Mix it in well to the cream or fat first, and then add the combination into your soup.

Need some ideas? There are plenty of great soups which will serve as great carriers for your tinctures—broccoli and cheddar, corn chowder, butternut squash and many more!


Chocolate choices 🍫

Many people like to make up their own coconut oil-based chocolate cups for a better snack option. These are not just a fantastic way to satisfy a sweet tooth without processed products and lots of added sugar—they are also perfect for adding in some CBD tincture!

Some recipes suggest adding about half a teaspoon of CBD tincture to each cup to get an even dose, while others just mix it in thoroughly before pouring into molds. Methods vary, so don’t be afraid to use your own—but most involve melted coconut oil, cacao powder and some kind of sweetener. Here’s a great recipe for CBD Coconut Chocolate Fat Bombs from the Bulletproof blog! Peppermint CBD tincture is great for these.


Shape up your smoothies 🥤

cool refreshing cbd tincture infused fruit smoothie

Another easy way to get some cannabidiol in your diet is with a smoothie—in fact, a smoothie is a great way to get just about anything in your diet, including supergreens! Almost anything goes down well when mixed with icy blended fruit, and if you have smoothies for breakfast you’ll enjoy the benefits of hemp starting right from the beginning of your day.

Simply add up to a dropper full of CBD tincture to your smoothie ingredients before you blend them, and you’ll have a CBD-infused nutritious drink. The possibilities for smoothies are endless—take a look at an array of ideas on Epicurious.


Delectable dinnertime doses 🍛

To mask the earthy flavor of your CBD tincture in savory dishes, we recommend incorporating just a few drops of it into dressings and sauces (or soups, as mentioned above). These also tend to provide some healthy fats, with which it can emulsify for added absorption. 

A great and simple option is to make a classic vinaigrette with CBD tincture added. Just add a drop of CBD tincture to the olive oil and mix well to concoct the salad dressing recipe of your choice. We like a basic oil and balsamic vinegar combo with either some mustard or a small amount of honey. Unflavored CBD tinctures are best for this!

delicious looking dinner infused with cbd tinctures


Experimentation with CBD tinctures is eternal 

CBD tinctures are a versatile way to benefit from the many great effects of cannabidiol, and we all develop favorite ways in which to use them. Trial and error is the way to figure out what works for you, and we recommend experimenting with your favorite recipes. Do you prefer flavored or unflavored oil? Taking it in the evening or morning? In sweet treats, or savory dishes?

Keep in mind that CBD is fat soluble, so it’s best mixed with some kind of fat. Store it somewhere with a stable temperature; refrigeration is not required but won’t hurt the tincture beyond possibly causing it to thicken, which can easily be reversed.

There is no official daily recommended CBD dosage evaluated by the FDA, and plenty of varying advice in the Internet. For the basic health benefits (not relief from chronic pain or epilepsy), we would suggest starting at around 1-2 droppers full (or 1-2 ml) per day and adjusting as you determine how your body reacts. If you have a medical condition, check with your physician to be safe.

We’d love to answer any questions you have, so ask us! If you’re ready to give full spectrum CBD a go, take a look at our tinctures or find out where you can buy in-store. Have a great recipe to share with us? Tell us in the comments!

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