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Retired Police Officer Believes in CBD

My wife is a cancer survivor of 15 years, because of several years of chemotherapy she has a few issues that require prescription drugs. She was prescribed medical marijuana and dropped her meds down to three.

While doing research on THC and CBD I was curious of the therapeutic use of CBD’s. I injured my lower back and during treatment by my chiropractor I asked about CBD use. I had my wife pick up a CBD vape pen at our local dispensary. CBD for life was recommended and after about three weeks of use the pen ran out. I noticed without any meds my back was feeling much better and I was sleeping much better. The chiropractor was very pleased with my recovery time.

I am a retired Police Officer after 27 years. Prior to Law Enforcement and during my employment I didn’t see the benefit of marijuana. Now after research and changing times the use of CBD oil has greatly changed my life.

This week I bought a 1 oz bottle of CBD for life Hemp Tincture, I used it as directed for a couple days. I liked the idea of vaping the CBD so I placed a small amount of the oil in a vape pen and discovered it worked.

Thank you very much, I think just as a take my vitamins every evening I will also use CBD for life.


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