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Mary – Chicago

pure cbd for life face cream


You probably hear this often, but this is the first and only skincare product review I’ve ever written. Your products are so amazing they blew me away and I’m compelled to comment and congratulate you on a job well done!!! I’ve been in the beauty industry for 25 years creating products for facial skin, body, hair and color cosmetics. Being in product development, I’ve seen many, many new formulations, innovative ingredients and been responsible for overseeing the clinical testing to prove these formulas really work. To that end, I’ve seen LOTS of products from the US, to the EU to Korea and Japan. All of which has left me highly skeptical and not easily impressed. When I ordered CBD For Life’s Eye Serum, I wasn’t really looking for anything to change the condition of my skin. I was just intrigued by the inclusion of CBD oil. After ONE use, I was sincerely amazed at the results. I immediately started using the eye serum as an eye-and-face serum. Again, awe inspiring results. My skin was plump and bouncy with a radiant glow. It was smooth and looked like I just had a facial. This led me to order the CBD For Life face cream which I equally love. After using these together for just a few days, my skin looks brighter, healthier, younger and reborn.  With the summer sun, my body is dry and depleted of moisture. I’m about to order the massage lotion and hope to see the same impressive results. Thank you for creating such amazing, honest products. Working in an industry full of “me-too” products, over priced gimmicks and formulas that don’t do what they promise, finding CBD For Life has has restored my faith in good formulations reaching customers at approachable price points without the unnecessary, dishonest hype.  Amazing work, you guys!! Thank you so much for what you’ve created. You’ve got me as a loyal customer for life.

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