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Heidi, WA

cbd pain management line
I was so excited to try the products and wow! They were worth every penny and delivered right to my door.  I ordered them for pain management as I have multiple medical conditions including severe diabetic neuropathy in my lower extremities, pain from back surgery six months ago (which could take up to 2 years to recover fully from nerve damage) and now knee and hip pain from compensating for poor function in my leg prior to surgery.  Whew! So, my routine is to get up and sit on my bed and rub CBD product on all that hurts. I lay down a few minutes longer and then get up and walk to the shower without any pain. I am amazed at how that happens especially since I’ve never had the same result from any pharmaceuticals. I have no side effects like the dizziness, nausea or constipation that narcotics can bring. I am able to go to work in a professional setting and speak in front of hundreds without any issues. I feel normal again. Products like CBD For Life have made me a believer for LIFE! It came when I was desperate to regain something resembling the life I knew before. I felt defeated but now I have an amazing tool to use daily and best of all it’s been waiting for me in nature this whole time. I suffered needlessly but no more! Knowledge is power!
Thank you from the bottom of my feet to the top of my brain – no longer pre-occupied with pain and how to lose it!
I have a good life again while I get stronger every day. I am not exaggerating and I’m sure that people who suffer would love to know there is something that works when you’ve given up on other expensive remedies promising results but falling short. I have a bathroom closet full of those. This does not make me high, it makes me well and pain free!  Feel free to use all or parts of this testimony. I cannot say enough. The fragrances in the products are wonderful and complimentary. I can’t wait to try your other product lines.
You ARE on my Christmas card list! Peace and joy and all the best as I hope your company prospers in its endeavor to help and sustain the lives you have made it your mission to change and renew!

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