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Cannabis gets seriously commercial


Retail brands now want to be your cannabis dealer, with pot-infused foods, beauty products, and other consumer goods that bottle the plant’s much-buzzed-about healing benefits.These very legal products won’t make you high (sorry!). They use non-psychoactive extracts from the plant—most notably, cannabidiol or CBD. (The psychoactive THC content is also below the US legal limit of .03 percent.)

“A growing body of scientific research shows CBD has the power to reduce anxiety and stress, lower inflammation, relax the body and mind, and subtly lift the mood,” explains Whitney Tingle of Sakara, which recently introduced CBD-oil chocolates to its line of superfood snacks.

CBD is also showing up in skin-care brands, like CBD For Life and Lord Jones, which make anti-inflammatory creams. Aceso’s cannabinoid drink powders and sprays help reduce anxiety, while Foria Relief’s suppositories soothe menstrual cramps.

And as states continue to legalize marijuana, you’ll see it moving into cooking, winemaking, and even fitness. “Look for cannabis use to become part of people’s wellness routines,” says Lord Jones’ co-founder Cindy Capobianco, who predicts “cannabis workouts.” (LA’s Goda Yoga already offers a 420 class for medical marijuana card holders.)

“The taboos associated with cannabis are falling away,” says Capobianco. “Soon the market will be legitimized.”

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