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CBD For Life, a women owned and operated company announces their partnership with iCAN Israel Cannabis for sponsorship of CannaTech, the International Summit for Accelerating Cannabis Innovation.

The Summit, taking place in Israel March 7th and 8th, is a gathering of global industry leaders and showcases Israel’s contribution to Cannabis research and ag-tech.

“We are proud to partner with CBD For Life and their upscale product line of all natural CBD health and beauty products” said Saul Kaye, CEO of iCAN Israel Cannabis, the creators of the CannaTech conference.

The strategic sponsorship alliance was negotiated and will be represented by media personality and cannabis expert Cheryl Shuman at iCAN – Israel Cannabis. In this international venture, iCAN and spokesperson Cheryl Shuman have teamed up to host the Summit as well as several VIP events with the biggest influencers in the Cannabis industry. CannaTech, the International Summit for Accelerating Cannabis Innovation takes place on March 7th and 8th, 2016 in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Israel.

Known as the leading international business development expert the “Martha Stewart of Cannabis”, Cheryl Shuman will be speaking at the event as well as hosting international VIP guests. Ms. Shuman will share her experiences in “rebranding” cannabis by working with hundreds of celebrities as brand ambassadors for successful businesses. This high level event, the first of its kind, is a gathering of global industry leaders and showcases Israel’s contribution to the industry spanning the fields of medicine, research and development, ag-tech, and innovation – CannaTech serves to highlight investment opportunities for the global market.

“We are excited to be working with one of the most recognizable faces in the cannabis industry and creating even more awareness for for our products internationally at our premier event for this fast growing industry,” said Beth Stavola, CEO and co-founder of iCAN.

The CannaTech Summit, is chaired by Professor Raphael Mechoulam, known world wide as the most influential figure in the field of medical cannabis. He is an organic chemist and professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is involved in a number of local and international medical cannabis research projects.

“Working with Beth Stavola and her team at CBD For Life is a dream come true. As an entrepreneur and female business owner, it’s exciting to be on the ground floor of the Cannabis industry. The partnership with iCAN allows us to showcase Israel as the “Start-Up Cannabis Nation” bringing cannabis innovation to the world,” states Ms. Shuman.

CBD For Life manufactures and sells Cannabidiol (CBD) infused pain management and beauty products using 99% pure CBD extract derived from industrial hemp with a THC level under 0.3% and all products in their line retail for under $35.

Rave reviews and testimonials regarding the effectiveness and quality of the products have been flooding in since the launch. Business owners have been very enthusiastic about displaying the sleek, high-end packaging in their stores. CBD For Life is actively pursuing opportunities to place their products in mainstream retailers across the country in order to reach a broad base of clients who can all benefit from the amazing healing properties of CBD.

The company’s revolutionary formulas combine CBD with nourishing essential oils and other active ingredients to aid in reducing pain, inflammation, and stress while promoting anti-aging, rejuvenation, and vibrancy. Created with the healing powers of nature, CBD For Life’s advanced technologies renew, hydrate, and restore the skin to a state of optimal wellness. CBD synergizes naturally with the body’s endo-cannabinoid system creating ideal overall health.

CBD For Life’s CEO Beth Stavola, said “Israel is a global leader in Cannabis research and we are proud to partner with iCAN Israel Cannabis for CannaTech, a world class international summit”.

“We saw a need in the market for quality CBD products that we could be proud to put on our own store shelves,” states Beth Stavola. As an industry leader we sought out to create highly effective CBD products using natural formulations without having to compromise luxurious textures and overall experience for our clients. Providing beautifully and professionally packaged products is very important when building the brand. The line is 95% naturally derived and free of GMOs, Parabens, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, artificial coloring and are never tested on animals.

The company is headquartered in New Jersey where the products are produced in a large-scale contract manufacturing facility, which is also a Women Owned Business. To learn more about CBD For Life and to see the complete line visit http://www.cbdforlife.us or contact COO Julie Winter – Julie(at)cbdforlife(dot)us.

For a complete list of speakers and ticket information, please visit http://www.canna-tech.co.

About iCAN – Israel-Cannabis.com

iCAN is actively engaged in identifying and accelerating cannabis technologies in Israel. The CannaTech Innovation Summit was created to reveal and showcase Israeli medical research, innovation and investment opportunities to a global audience. As Cannabis leaders in Israel we have partnered with both public and private entities to create innovative global brands to power the cannabis economy. To learn more about iCAN, please visit http://www.Israel-Cannabis.com. To learn more about CannaTech, March 7th and 8th, 2016, please visit http://www.canna-tech.co.

About CBDForLife.us

CBD For Life is a women owned and operated company. Our upscale products have the highest quality of natural ingredients and are never tested on animals.Created with the healing powers of nature, CBD for Life’s advanced technologies renew, hydrate, and restore the skin to a state of optimal wellness. CBD synergizes naturally with the body’s endo-cannabinoid system creating ideal overall health. CBD for Life’s revolutionary formulas aid in reducing pain, inflammation, and stress while promoting anti-aging, rejuvenation, and vibrancy. 99% Pure CBD extract is of the highest quality European CBD derived using the GEM extraction method. Our products are manufactured by Suite K in their New Jersey facilities with the following certifications and registrations with the Women’s Business Enterprise Council Certification: 2005121108

About Cheryl Shuman Inc.

Established in 1984, Cheryl Shuman Inc. is a public relations, media, product branding, event production and business development firm focusing on merging mainstream with the cannabis industry. In 2006, Shuman was diagnosed with cancer. After years of following failed allopathic medicine treatments, she opted for medical cannabis in the form of raw juice and oils as an alternative. Her success using medical cannabis led her to found the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club (http://www.BHCClub.com). Today, Cheryl is the most visible and recognizable entrepreneurs in the marijuana reform movement, recently receiving the 2013 Activist of the Year Award at Seattle Hempfest. Cheryl has reached over 100 million viewers worldwide while appearing on such mainstream shows as CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, The Katie Couric Show, The View, ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, Fox Business News and many other media outlets. She was recently featured on the cover of Adweek as Pot’s First Marketer as the first company to establish a luxury “Starbucks of Pot” Brand, in Elle Magazine as The Most Potent Women in the Pot Industry, named The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills by The New York Times Sunday Magazine as well as gracing the cover of The London Times Magazine as The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills. Shuman has also teamed up to launch a luxury cannabis conference series to focus on the affluent cannabis market and high-dollar investment vehicles for the rapidly growing space. Cheryl Shuman is represented for TV, film, book and lecturing deals by the prestigious William Morris Endeavor Agency in Beverly Hills. For more information, please visit: http://www.CherylShuman.com.

Media Contact: Cheryl Shuman, Cheryl(at)CherylShuman(dot)com 310.779.4797

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