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I’m saying high to hemp! At least in the form of CBD For Life Pure CBD Body Lotion ($22.99). CBD stands for cannabidiol, the compound in cannabis that is supposed to be therapeutic without the psychoactivity. The last part may disappoint some of you, but you’ll still be pleased to know that CBD makes a very good body lotion with cannabis is the key ingredient.

I must say that I felt a little let down when I first tipped the cap on my tube of CBD Pure Body Lotion and was greeted by eucalyptus. I had rather been looking forward to a nostalgia-inducing whiff of weed. Still, I was more than happy with the silky smoothness that it gave my skin and after some weeks of testing, I can say that the effects are cumulative and this is a great moisturizing body lotion that also seems to be doing a little bit of crepey skin reduction.

CBD For Life is proudly a woman-owned business focused on cannabidiol (CBD) for pain management and beauty products using a 99% pure CBD extract that comes all the way from Germany (several hemp varieties can be legally cultivated in Europe) with a THC level (that’s the “fun” compound) under 0.3%.

While this makes it a poor choice for recreation use, it is becoming widely recognized for its medicinal properties. CBD For Life says its body lotion is helpful for pain management and I fancy that I am less prone to post-workout aches and pains. Cannabidiol is also good for the skin. An article in the British Journal of Pharmacoloy reported that it can treat a variety of skin disorders (source).

study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology  found that THC and CBD helped to decrease the viability of melanoma cells. Another study found that CBD controls sebaceous glands, suggesting that it is helpful for acne, and that it is an anti-inflammatory. Specifically, researchers are working on the anti-inflammatory properties that could impact oxidative stress, one of the factors in aging. All in all, a growing body of research suggests that CBD could be a new weapon in our anti-aging skincare arsenals.

I read somewhere that cannabinoids are fat soluble and readily absorbed by the skin. This certainly seems to be the case with CBD Body Lotion. It is a light cream that penetrates quickly and is not at all greasy. There is some silicone, but CBD For Life has mostly formulated with coconut, apricot and safflower oils. Only the preservativephenoxyethanol, sodium hydroxide and propylene glycol mar a daily body moisturizer that hits the high notes and is well worth investing in before our aging bodies go to pot. Sorry.

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