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Top 20 Women on the Move in Cannabis in 2018

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, women are finding their way into a previously male-dominant business sector as attorneys, CEOs, chefs, growers, and medical researchers. Women pioneered many cannabis-centered efforts in 2018, including clinical studies that look into the possible benefits of this plant and its many strains, as well as how it may be of use in everyday life.

The women who made this year’s list have achieved great accomplishments while spearheading cannabis-related businesses, research, or legal matters that are pushing the industry forward, all while reducing stigmas associated with hemp and other cannabis extracts.

#12. Beth Stavola and Julie Winter

Co-founders of the brand CBD for Life, Beth and Julie are two sisters growing their CBD-infused pain management and beauty product lines, and hope to see more women influencing the cannabis industry in the future.

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