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line of cannabidiol infused pain management and beauty products

My family has strong women role models (men too!) and that backbone has carried through in how I lead the operations in this company,”  explains Vander Veer. “Plus, the sense that women can control their own destiny in a new industry is definitely an attractive opportunity.”

It’s true that cannabis is somewhat of a taboo word these days, since legalization laws make it a pretty controversial topic everyone seems to have an opinion on. However, it’s also safe to say that the internet has definitely allowed the cannabis industry to boom, since there are tons of new startup businesses (we’re talking beauty products and media platforms!) popping up all around the country like wildfire.

However, you probably didn’t know about the effect women have on the industry, since there are a growing variety of new cannabis businesses, both created and run by women. To see exactly why women are entering themselves into this controversial industry, we spoke to seven different cannabis influencers on how they are revolutionizing how people see cannabis.

Name: Beth Stavola

Business Name: CBD For Life (founder)

Business Description: Line of cannabidiol-infused pain management and beauty products.

Beth Stavola - CBD For Life

As a former executive on Wall Street, Beth Stavola started her cannabis journey by purchasing a legal medical marijuana dispensary in Arizona. Although she had no experience with marijuana whatsoever, Stavola was up for a challenge. Now, Stavola (alongside her sister Julie) takes her journey into cannabis a step further, since she now creates her own line of cannabidiol-infused pain managment and beauty products.

“My sister, Julie Winter, and I founded and launched CBD For Life after I learned about the wonderful healing properties of CBD,” says Stavola. “After months of extensive research, Julie and I met with a chemist to create the luxurious formulations, and two years later CBD For Life was born! Our personal story and connection to our products are what set us apart from the competition. We are truly invested in and believe in the powers of CBD.”

Offering everything from cannabidiol-infused eye serums to pain relief spray, Stavola notes that CBD For Life is definitely expanding. However, she notes that overcoming the stigma is still a hurdle the industry faces, since many consumers assume that CBD is psychotropic.

“CBD is the major non-psychotropic cannabinoid found in hemp, contrasted to THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical compound in cannabis responsible for a euphoric high,” states Stavola. “CBD For Life works to educate consumers on the difference between CBD and THC, making it clear that we only use the healing properties of CBD in our products.”

As the industry continues to thrive, Stavola is increasingly excited about cannabis’ place in society. And as a female business owner herself, she hopes to see other women continue to influence the industry.

“I think women are gravitating towards the cannabis movement because it provides great opportunity to become a leader in a booming industry,” claims Stavola. “The industry is still new and highly innovative, with cannabis being used in ways no one had ever imagined. We expect the cannabis industry to expand greatly in the years to come.”

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