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do you match your body wash to your lotion? you can with CBD

Question of the Week: Do you think it’s important that body wash and body lotion scents complement each other? Or match?

I honestly don’t know if my body wash and body lotion has EVER matched! Okay maybe when I was younger and shopped at Bath & Body Works. But unfortunately, thecruelty free Squad (My Beauty Bunny, Logical Harmony and Phyrra) found out a long time ago that Bath & Body Works is no longer cruelty free. Sometimes matchy-matchy body washes and lotions are fun, but I have been trying to stick to more natural, less highly scented products – particularly with lotions, since they stay on your body (and have more time to be absorbed). Right now I’m loving Korres and CBD For LifePure CBD Hand & Body Lotion (and Foot Lotion).

For full article please visit: http://www.mybeautybunny.com/lipstick-league-match-body-wash-lotion/

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