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CBD is the fastest rising trend in beauty and wellness. However, did you know that hundreds of years ago it was used to alleviate various pains by famous figures?

Queen Victoria was using Cannabis prescribed by her physicians for menstrual pains. She became the first internationally known medical marijuana patient.

George Washington used marijuana to alleviate pain from toothaches. Ramesses II was among Egyptian Pharoahs who used marijuana for medical purposes like hemorrhoids and sore eyes. Marijuana was found preserved in the tomb of Ramesses II.

In 1492, Christopher Columbus became the first European to discover America. Among his assortment of plants and herbs, he brought marijuana seeds. Fast forward in history; close friends of John F. Kennedy say that he used marijuana to help with back pain. He even planned during his term as President on legalizing marijuana in his second term. And the list goes on…So you do not have to be a stoner to use Marijuana.

CBD extract is being touted as the new beauty and brain booster. Cannabinoids (CBD), or the compounds found in hemp and marijuana, can actually increase your wellness levels more than those daily vitamins. Those with seizure disorders or inflammatory issues may already know the benefits that hemp extract delivers, but just a few drops daily can also help in addressing anxiety, general cloudiness, and your overall brain function which in return protects in aging of your brain, skin and overall bodily functions.

Both hemp and marijuana come from the cannabis plant, however, they are two totally different plants. Hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, which is what produces the psychoactive effect (the high feeling) marijuana has, whereas marijuana contains about 15 to 25% THC.

The cannabinoids (CBD’s) or the naturally-occurring neuro-protectants and antioxidants found in hemp, attach themselves to the receptors within the already present endocannabinoid system in our bodies, which spans through the nervous system, GI tract, and just about every cell in our bodies. The compound found within the cannabinoids fit perfectly into the cell receptors, which help to regulate symptoms in that specific area which can span from anxiety, depression, seizures, sleep issues and more.

CW Hemp extract comes from non-GMO hemp responsibly grown on US family farms. It has various health and wellness applications and contains a full-spectrum of cannanbinoids and plant compounds that support life-essential biological processes in the neurological, immune and the endocannabinoid systems. This should reassure the skeptics…

January 1st, 2018 will see, without a doubt, a blooming and booming business based on cannabinoids. I am a firm believer in the plant and use it myself. I recently made it a point to review products based on hemp and cannabis. CBD For Life is one of the companies that have these special products.

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