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CBD for Life – Pure CBD Face cream and eye serum – My thoughts

CBD Face Cream

Sadly after I started using the product I got super sick and did not care to get out of bed for anything but work, then home and sleep. Life was dreadful. So due to that I fell off of my new routine. Well, now I’m back at it!

The eye serum is quite nice, it has a pleasant citrus scent to it. CBD for Life’s website says it soaks into the skin quickly and does not leave an oily feeling. Well, for someone impatient like I can be it did initially seem to be oily after application. Come to realize not only should you give it a minute to soak into the skin before digging in to the first thoughts on the product, I also need to use even less than I already was using. You only need to squeeze out the tiniest bit and use that between both the eyes. When used correctly it does indeed go on smoothly and soaks in very well. 

Because this is a product that works over time, I will do a follow up review about it in a month or so.

For now, I can say that it is a nice product. It feels good going on the skin, almost satin smooth and has a very pleasant scent. As far as effectiveness, again I will do a follow up in a couple of months for that.

CBD Face Cream, just like the eye serum has a bit of an off white coloring to it. Unlike the eye serum it has almost no scent to it. It boasts of having no added color and both products are 99% naturally derived.

CBD for Life also boasts that their face cream will give you a nice glow to your skin. I can certainly attest to that. As I have reviewed so many new websites recently and have read in depth about so many products that are out their, I don’t always remember the specifics that a web site states about their product until I go to review it. Then I will look it up and see if it performed as per their specifications. And as I said I can attest to their claim that it gives a nice glow to the skin. Every time I put on the lotion in the morning or evening I think to myself how much added color it seems the lotion gives me. Now to find a good toner to go with this product and I’ll be set!

CBD for Life does a wonderful job packaging their product. It is simple and yet elegant.  Their customer service and employees are wonderful to speak with and really seem to care.  CBD for Life did a great job making a nice beauty product that contains CBD.  This is another product, like apothecanna, that is great for introducing the general public to products that include cannabis.  Is it a product for Medical Cannabis patients, not so much.  Unless they want a good beauty product with CBD in the ingredients.  But, it is a good step in the right direction to opening the general publics eye to the healing powers of cannabis.

I can’t wait to tell you about more of their products and discuss their pain salve and spray line as well.

Until then lovelies, I hope you have enjoyed this review.

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