The 411 on CBD and Your Pet

When you think of the health and happiness of your pet, what comes to mind? Adequate exercise, choosing the right dog food, and grooming needs are some of the basic necessities every pet needs. But no matter how healthy your pet is, some animals inevitably develop health complications that require visits to the veterinarian or prescription medications. Some pet owners are opposed to medicating their animals and seek alternative methods of care. CBD oil can actually improve your dog’s health and quality of life. This article will offer more information about what CBD oil can do for your dog and if it’s the right fit for your family pet.


Medical Conditions CBD Oil Treats


Similar to those found in humans, illnesses such as cancer, epilepsy, and chronic pain can negatively impact your dog’s quality of life. CBD oil is proven to treat these medical conditions in humans and may offer the same benefits for your pet.




Certain substances found in cannabis and hemp, including CBD, are said to offer compounds that help fight the growth of cancerous tumors. In some cases, CBD can actually help stop cancer cells from growing. Just like in humans, a dog’s immune system is responsible for fighting of illness, viruses, and other foreign antibodies, like cancer. CBD boosts the immune system and it’s infectious killing cells, which can reduce your pet’s risk of developing cancer. If your dog has already been diagnosed, CBD can help shrink cancerous tumors and improve quality of life. If you and your veterinarian have chosen to treat your dog’s cancer with chemotherapy or other cancer-fighting techniques, the use of CBD oil can enhance and strengthen the effectiveness of these treatments and medications.


Epilepsy and Seizures


Epilepsy is fairly common in both humans and animals and results in unpredictable seizures. Over 50 million humans and 5% of dogs suffer from seizures. Most cases of epilepsy are treated using medications that help control the onset of seizures, but not without risk. Epilepsy medications can have adverse effects on a user’s liver and other major organs. The same is true for your pet. Not to mention, not all seizure medication is effective. CBD oil can help those individuals and dogs that don’t react to conventional treatment methods. CBD interacts with the neurons in the brain, helping to reduce nerve cell activity that causes seizures.


Chronic Pain


Unlike humans, your dog can’t verbally tell you when they’re in pain. As a pet owner, you need to be cognizant of how your animal normally acts and behaves, documenting notable changes in activity levels or mobility. Because animals can’t verbalize their needs, months or even years can pass without pet owners knowing that their dog is in pain. Once you realize that your dog is suffering, you can use CBD oil as an alternative treatment method. Treating pain is one of the main reasons humans have recently turned to the use of CBD oil. CBD offers anti-inflammatory benefits, which is one of the main causes of pain in both humans and animals. Inflammation in dogs is often found in their intestinal tract, joints, and pancreas. Other sources of pain in dogs are nerve related. CBD oil can help ease this discomfort and reduce inflammation in your pet.


Inflammatory Bowel Disease


When inflammation attacks your dog’s intestines, it can result in inflammatory bowel disease. This type of disease is marked by several physical indicators including weight loss, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting, gas, depression, and abdominal pain or discomfort. CBD oil can not only help reduce inflammation but also combat feelings of depression and help ease pain associated with inflammatory bowel disease.


Weight Issues


If your dog is either overweight or underweight, CBD oil can help. Low weight in dogs is sometimes caused by a loss of appetite and nausea, resulting in vomiting or the lack of desire to eat. Not maintaining an adequate diet will cause your pet’s weight to drop, which is unhealthy for everyday functioning. CBD can actually help increase your pet’s appetite and encourage them to eat more. If your dog is suffering from nausea or chronic vomiting, CBD oil can help calm your puppy’s stomach and prevent feelings of discomfort. It’s important to note that certain strains of CBD can actually reduce appetite, which can be beneficial if your dog is overweight.


Reasons to Consider CBD Oil for Your Pet


Safe, Legal, and Not Psychoactive


CBD is safe for both humans and animals. Because it contains minimal (if any) traces of THC, this beneficial oil is both legal and non-psychoactive. That means that there’s no fear of your dog getting high or experiencing any type of psychotic episodes after taking CBD. Not to mention, CBD can be safely used over prolonged periods of time with little to no side effects. The use of CBD is also legal in all 50 states, making it convenient and stress-free for pet owners to obtain and use. Prior to administering CBD to your dog, check with your veterinarian. If your dog is currently taking any medications, CBD may interact with liver enzymes used to metabolize certain prescription medications. 


Reduces Anxiety and Stress


All pets have different demeanors. Some are more alert and excitable while others are much more mellow and less energetic. Just like humans, some pets handle stressful situations better than others. Things like constant travel, a recent move, change in owners, adoption, or medical issues can cause stress and anxiety in certain animals. It’s no secret that CBD oil is praised for helping reduce stress and anxiety in humans while offering calming benefits. CBD oil can offer these same relaxing effects for your high-strung pooch. Whether you use CBD on a regular basis for your dog or simply prior to a stressful situation, it can help ease your dog’s anxiety and keep them calm and healthy throughout the experience.


Don’t be fooled into thinking the many benefits offered by CBD oil are made just for humans. If your dog is suffering from a chronic condition, anxiety, or even problems losing or gaining weight, CBD oil is a safe, legal option for them. Be sure to consult with your veterinarian prior to use and start with a small dose. Once your pet experiences the positive effects of CBD oil, they can start living a full, happy life!

Guest Article by Kim Taylor



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