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The Many Underrated Uses of CBD Pain Spray

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant (we know it more commonly as a hemp plant derivative), which is a cousin of the more widely known, mood-altering marijuana plant. CBD, though, does not cause a high, although it is widely credited as being a terrific aid to common ailments ranging from anxiety to acne. CBD has become so popular in recent years, in fact, that it is now used and infused in everything from essential oils and tinctures to body wash and foot rubs. With all the benefits and none of the negative connotations and side effects that are often associated with the cannabis plant, CBD (sometimes called hemp oil) is a natural jack of all trades—and among its most exciting benefits is a demonstrated ability to provide relief for acute or chronic pain.

Pain spray is a quick delivery system that’s used to get targeted pain relief where it’s needed the most. We think it’s a bit of an unsung hero—so read on to find out how it helps, and how you could profit from it.

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Exploring the human endocannabinoid system

Over the past decade, scientists have discovered an expansive network of cannabinoid receptors which occur naturally throughout the human body. This endocannabinoid system responds pharmacologically to cannabis products, including CBD.

When a person uses a CBD product, these receptors “receive” it and are triggered to send signals to the brain and modulate physiological systems in the brain and body, with pain relieving effects, anxiety reduction, and more. New studies even show that CBD may be effective in the restoration of memory on the mitochondrial level. This has to do with the way that lipids on the surface of mitochondria respond to the introduction of cannabinoids, which leads to the stimulation of ATP (the cell’s energy currency) production. Scientists hope that this response could even help fight memory loss associated with any number of physiological conditions.

The Food and Drug Administration in the United States (FDA) is slow to officially recognize the benefits of CBD, approving its first cannabis-derived drug in June 2018, but the research is mounting, particularly when it comes to effects on pain and inflammation. While the future of CBD is still wide open, pain spray is readily available here and now—and can be used for more than just pain management! Our list of CBD pain spray “hacks” demonstrates the versatility of this incredibly useful product.

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Uses for CBD pain spray

Traditionally, the spray is applied directly into the mouth so that it can be absorbed into the body, or topically for areas of acute discomfort—it is popular with those suffering arthritis pain. However, there are uses for the spray which many people do not consider.


Take the sting out of bug bites

Anyone who’s ever unconsciously sat and scratched a bug bite until it bled understands how easy it is to go from having a small, itchy bump to an infected sore. It’s no fun and can even lead to scarring and infection—but help is at hand: applying CBD pain spray to the area can help reduce the inflammation and reduce the itching. How does it work?

CBD is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, both of which reduce inflammation and soothe the skin. Cannabinoids also plug into endocannabinoid receptors to reduce pain and this in turn helps stop the itching. Further, although more research is needed, scientists are still studying the possibility that topical CBD products may be able to ward off bacteria and potential pathogens, protecting the skin from long-term damage through infection. So next time you lose the battle with a mosquito, consider reaching for the CBD pain spray for natural and effective relief.


Ease painful sunburns

Sunburns occur when UVA and UVB rays from the sun or tanning bed penetrate your skin. The longer you’re exposed to the sun, the more damage it can do. Under extreme circumstances, prolonged exposure to the sun can even land you in the hospital; it usually just results in blistering and eventual peeling of the damaged layers of skin.

Even a mild sunburn can make life miserable with pain and itchiness. CBD pain spray can provide relief at every stage. The presence of those nifty fatty acids, combined with its analgesic effect, works to alleviate pain, restore moisture to the skin and stop that infernal itching. And, with CBD’s ability to moisturize and improve skin’s condition, it may even be able to reduce scarring resulting from horrible burns. Of course, always talk to your doctor before treating anything that might require serious medical intervention.

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Use pain spray to treat allergies

When we think “skin allergies,” many of us picture having a reaction to perfumes or other foreign irritants. In reality, this definition can expand to include irritation from eczema and psoriasis as well. While both of these medical conditions are related to autoimmune disorders, they create similar symptoms of itchy irritation to those associated with allergens.

Scientists have theorized that CBD has the ability to slow the overproduction of skin cells that lead to the scaly buildup of psoriasis and the stinging pain that can accompany eczema. Not only can CBD pain spray treat the immediate area, but it may also be able to reduce allergy symptoms on a long-term basis. The way that cannabinoids interact with our endocannabinoid system still isn’t well understood, but researchers have noticed that they have anti-inflammatory properties, and have demonstrated an overall positive impact on painful skin conditions.


Soothe dry skin

Not everyone who experiences itchy, scaly skin has eczema or psoriasis: many also suffer from seasonal dryness or dehydration. In these instances, CBD pain spray can help with itching in the ways outlined above, and restore some moisture to the skin. Lotions and salves may be the “usual” treatments for these issues, but many contain alcohol, which can contribute to skin irritation. CBD pain spray is an excellent solution to this dilemma: just spritz the area and work it gently into the skin for fast results. Not only does it help with the irritation, but it can also eliminate the inflammation that comes as a result of persistent scratching.

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CBD products are incredibly versatile

With new uses for CBD being researched and discovered all the time, it is exciting to find new ways to use existing products. CBD For Life has everything you need to beef up your health and beauty arsenal this season, and many of our products (not just the pain sprays) can be used for more than one purpose. Have you ever multi-tasked with your “go-to” CBD products? Comment below and let us know how what you have discovered!

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