6 Ways Cannabis Can Improve Your Relationship by Kim Taylor

When most people run into a relationship rut, they try some pretty basic remedies from couples therapy and romantic date nights to weekend getaways to steer things down the right path.

One thing most people don’t consider is using cannabis to reconnect with their partner. But here are 6 reasons why cannabis and CBD oil may be just the relationship medicine you’re looking for.

  1.  Laugh More


They say laughter is the best medicine. And if you and your partner have recently fallen on tough times, not taking life so seriously can really turn things around. Cannabis has an amazing way of relaxing users. Cannabis helps your brain release feel good chemicals known as endorphins. These endorphins are what help you feel calm and happy. You might even find yourself acting silly. Cannabis is the perfect way to breathe new life and laughter into your relationship. They also say laughter is contagious. Once you start to relax and enjoy the feeling cannabis gives you, your partner will likely do the same. You can enjoy fits of laughter over nothing at all and chances are, you’ll forget (at least for the moment) the troubles you two were having.

  1.  Enjoy Good Food


While CBD oil itself doesn’t always cause increased hungry, some other forms of cannabis do. This is the phenomenon known as “the munchies”. But that doesn’t mean you and your partner will eat everything in sight when you’re together. Instead, you’ll simply enjoy the smells, textures, and flavors of your food more. Not to mention, there’s something extremely sensual and sexy about enjoying delicious foods together. Try adding CBD to some of your favorite recipes and get playful by feeding one another. The entire experience will be more pleasurable and help you connect in a different way.

  1. Improved Intimacy and Sex Life


Intimacy is an extremely important part of any healthy relationship. A healthy sex life positively impacts other aspects of your relationship and promotes physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Cannabis and CBD oil are proven to heighten your senses and may actually increase your arousal. If you’re st

ruggling to get “in the mood”, cannabis will help you put your inhibitions aside and help intensify your sexual experiences. You may even feel more adventurous and open to sexual exploration. CBD can help spice up your sex life and take your relationship to the next level.

  1.  Strengthens Trust and Communication


Next to sex, communication and trust are key elements of any relationship. Whether something occured that rattled your relationship or you’re still navigating the communication waters of a new relationship, cannabis can help. When it comes to having deep, meaningful conversations, nothing is more effective than the relaxing, calming effects of CBD. If you struggle to control your emotions or not raise your voice during a discussion with your partner, cannabis can help you approach the situation more calmly. You’ll also find yourself more open to your parent’s point of view and willing to hear and consider their side of things. Not only can cannabis make you a better listener, but it could also improve your ability to open up and share your true feelings and thoughts. This means being completely vulnerable and transparent with your partner, leading to a deeper level of trust

  1.  Helps You Let Your Guard Down


No one likes getting hurt and that’s why many people enter relationships with a wall up. Whether it’s an emotional or physical wall, CBD can help you break these down and experience a closer connection with your partner. Cannabis elicits feelings of comfort and ease. This helps you to be more vulnerable and open to new ideas and possibilities. Some people are anxious and uptight by nature. This can make it difficult for a potential partner to make a connection with you. Allow CBD to bring out your more mellow, laid back side. After all, who wants a partner who is always moody or on edge? Once you put your reservations aside, you’re opening yourself up to the possibility of experiencing true love.

  1. Improved Health


When you feel good, you welcome good things into your life. If you’re suffering from a chronic illness, pain, insomnia, or other health complications, it can negatively impact your relationships with others. The discomfort you’re in may cause irritability and make you unable and unwilling to socialize as you once did. CBD has helped thousands of those suffering with anxiety as well. When you’re constantly stressed or anxious, you can’t be in a healthy relationship. When you feel energized and healthy, you will adopt a more positive and happier persona, making you much more fun to be around. Cannabis can also improve sleep patterns in those suffering from insomnia. Without adequate rest, you may be unreasonably moody and emotional. Getting quality sleep promotes more positive interactions between you and your mate, leading to a healthier outlook on life. All of these characteristics are attractive qualities in a partner.

While CBD cannot mend all of our relationship woes, it can help breakdown your walls and remind you what it’s like to truly experience things in life.


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