Pump up your fitness with CBD

CBD fitness Calling all bodybuilders, trainers and fitness junkies, this story should pique your interest and peak your muscles at the same time. Imagine the results you could achieve if recovery time was cut in half, your cardio output was increased, and you could fast forward the time it normally takes to find the right workout patterns and routines.

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But by venturing down this unconventional route, fitness junkies can accomplish more in just
one workout.

In fact, Lance Parvin swears by it. Citing his background in herbal psychopharmacology, Parvin, co-founder of the Compassionate Awareness Project (CAP), one of the first co-ops in Nevada, even recommends medicinal cannabis for training purposes, coupled with other sources of nutrients, over certain big-name amino acids and supplements.

As the medical cannabis industry expands and the public’s knowledge grows, the common misconception that cannabis only aids in anti-pain and anti-carcinogen purposes has surfaced.

But according to Parvin, whether someone medicates to target a specific medical issue or utilizes it as a tool for training, medicinal cannabis has a broad spectrum of benefits. Since starting CAP, Parvin has converted many bodybuilders, trainers, and even performers on the Las Vegas Strip, who perform several times a week, into adding cannabidiol (CBD) to their workout regimens.

“That’s the great thing about [it], it can even get someone who is healing from a disease or injury back into being active at a faster and safer rate, rather than taking toxic supplements or prescriptions,” says Parvin of medicinal cannabis.

In spring 20ı5, by chance, a local Las Vegas gym owner crossed paths with Parvin when he toured her gym. By the end of the tour, Parvin convinced Kelli Michaels (she prefers her real name not be used), for conditions unrelated to her workout routine and lifestyle, to give medicinal cannabis a chance.

After only one month of religiously taking CBD oil pills at night, Michaels noticed something very different about her workouts. “The quality of my workouts changed dramatically. I found myself recovering faster,” says Michaels.
Ever since she can remember, gaining weight has always been a trial for Michaels. But by making CBD oil an integral part of her workout routine, Michaels is now able to move up in weight at a quicker pace when she lifts.

But the best part about incorporating cannabis into a workout regimen? It’s easy. For the most effective results, Parvin advises people to take CBD in the evening or a few hours post-workout. “Getting into a deeper state of REM (rapid eye movement) sleep is the key thing,” explains Parvin. “That’s when your body is recovering.”

As for Michaels, though taking CBD oil pills once a day before bed was just a small change in her daily schedule, the results have been positive. “I don’t have to worry about taking my pills with food or worry about if I took it at the right time,” she says.

For medicinal cannabis to be effective, THC must be used. People often assume that hemp oil is just as successful, but according to Parvin, cannabis becomes ineffective once altered. “So THC is necessary to see a difference in workouts and recovery time,” he explains.

Fitness junkies sparked by curiosity and inspiration after reading this story can get the green light for a medical marijuana card by citing chronic pain. “Pain becomes inflammation, which happens after a workout,” clarifies Parvin, a devoted fitness fanatic who integrates medicinal cannabis into his own regimen.

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