GT’s Medicinal Matcha CBD Latte

The GT CBD Matcha Latte!

Man we love this one! The medicinal benefits of CBD combined with the healing benefits of Matcha makes for the perfect morning elixyr! The powers of the CBD combine well with the Pure Matcha. Personally, this is my morning joint pain recipe. (Pun Intended) 😂🤣

Here we go;

Eight ounces of full fat coconut milk.

Just a few CBD Drops (available anywhere nowadays!)
One teaspoon of GT Matcha Powder
A bit of agave or any sweetener of your choice.

Heat that coconut milk to a hair below boiling temperature.
Add a few drops of CBD, the matcha, and the sweetener to the warmed milk.

Mix in your matcha bowl and use your frother to mix it well. You can use a blender if you want.

Now, enjoy your CBD Matcha Latte like a Don.


For those if you so in inclined…

Here is your baking tip. 😁 so, if you absolutely needed to feel the buzz, finely grind your whole flowers and add them to the full fat coconut milk as you are heating the milk. Maintain temp at 220°, coconut milk boils at a higher temp than water. (360°) do not exceed 220° or you will defeat what you are trying to accomplish. Maintain temperature while stirring occasionally and heat for a good long time. Longer the stronger! Strain the milk, follow recipe as shown.

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