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Establishing CBD For Life by Beth Stavola

“I wanted to make something more appealing to the mainstream with a Chanel look over a bohemian feel,” says Stavola. She’s not talking about perfume, but beauty products infused with CBD–cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound in marijuana associated with pain relief and anti-inflammation. So three years ago, the former Wall Street executive from New Jersey decided to start CBD for Life (along with her sister), now her third cannabis venture. Her first, a dispensary chain in Arizona, was later sold to a Canadian public company for $25 million (where Stavola is now its COO), followed by Melting Point Extracts, a THC concentrate manufacturing company. Stavola says she sees a lot of parallels between cannabis and internet deals in the late 1990s. “During the early days, institutional investors were not interested in cannabis, and it was only hedge funds and aggressive investors getting in,” says Stavola. “Today, Constellation, which makes Corona beer, is in the [CBD] space.” –Will Yakowicz

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