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CBD: The Next Frontier In Beauty And Wellness

CBD is technically legal in all 50 states (at least at a certain percentage), and hemp-based products are amongst the fastest-growing segment of the beauty and wellness industries. To set the record straight: CBD does not deliver a “high,” but it’s proven to provide relief from muscle pain, skin irritation and the inflammation that leads to cellular aging—and it’s also the focus of clinical studies for cancer, diabetes, mental conditions and so much more. It’s a brave new world that some may be reluctant to consider as a path to wellness, but CBD has been scientifically proven to provide a broad array of naturally-derived health benefits without any known potential downsides. Here, a few essential products can be easily worked into your routine—and potentially take your self-care to another level.

CBD Muscle Rub

An intense workout, injury or even sleeping the wrong way can lead to muscle pain—but you can get relief fast with this CDB-infused cream.

CBD Hand Lotion & Foot Cream

Irritation, dry patches, minor cuts and scrapes, sunburn, bug bites, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and virtually any other situation that requires skin soothing has met its match in this multitasking CBD balm.

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