CBD Business Booming in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC – Charlotte’s first CBD dispensary is open and ready for business.

  • CBD is a growing industry in Charlotte.
  • CBD is the chemical is found in hemp, but it will not get you high.
  • It’s important to make sure CBD comes from certified suppliers.

CBD Charlotte sells CBD oils, candies, and several other products containing CBD.

CBD is the chemical is found in hemp, which comes from the same cannabis plant family as marijuana; however, hemp does not have THC which gives people the high from marijuana.

CBD products can have a very small trace amount of THC per the state of North Carolina but nothing over .3 percent.

People use CBD products to sooth aching joints, fight anxiety and depression, and several other ailments.

Libby Meiners went to CBD Charlotte to get CBD products to help fight side effects of chemotherapy. She’s had two chemo treatments since being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September and it makes her nauseous and tired.

She hopes the CBD will give her back the energy to go visit her two week old granddaughter.

“I just want to be able to take her for a stroll and hold her,” says Meiners, “and not feel too tired which I currently am.”

Ellen Tacher is CEO of Prime Sunshine CBD, which is also based in Charlotte, and has been selling CBD products online for several years.

Sunshine Prime CBD just opened a storefront in Charlotte and Tacher said when finding a CBD supplier to make sure they are certified.

Tacher said “You really want to make sure you’re looking for a company that is using FDA registered facilities and ISO 9000 kitchens, back to buy medical facilities, and working with medical professionals to ensure that it’s safe.”

Original Article by Spectrum News

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